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On the home trails with HELSA

Average duration: approximately 2 hours | Drop: approximately 50 m

Monte Fenera is the only carbonate massif in Lower Valsesia which, due to its nature, hosts numerous caves object of speleological and archaeological investigations. The latter aspect is definitely interesting if we relate it to the materials kept in the C. Conti Museum.

The trail starts from Fenera San Giulio – the hamlet from which the Path of the Caves leading to the famous Ciota Ciara, Citron and Rifugio del Belvedere also unfolds -, crosses Fenera di Mezzo, runs alongside the operational headquarters of the Sesia Valley Park located in Fenera Annunziata and after a wonderful stretch through the meadows, reaches the Ara Caves, a true geological and natural jewel which will throw you into an enchanted world, deserving a pleasant stop.

The boards scattered along the way will make you think about the role of the archaeologist and the necessary skills to investigate the remains of the past: will it be enough to travel alone backwards through history or will you need the help of a group of friends and collaborators with whom to discuss ?

To find it out, all you have to do is leave: Helsa the female bear is waiting for you!


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