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On the streets of Seso with CAIUS

A multipoint itinerary through the history and archeology of Borgosesia

Average duration: approximately 2 hours

Dotted with hamlets, Borgosesia is the main urban center of Valsesia, in which the legacy of a glorious industrial past linked to the production of textiles coexists with its commercial vocation for retail sales. The city center today appears like a maze of streets in which it is not easy to discover archaeological and historical corners and curiosities. How can we learn about the Roman and Medieval past of ancient Borgosesia?

Simple: play with us!
Follow Caius Bear and rediscover Seso.
This Habitat itinerary starts from the C. Conti Museum in the direction of central squares and streets.
Consult the map and be guided by the many characters who kept and passed on our heritage from the past to present days.

The stages:

  • Stage 1: Museum “C. Conti”
  • Stage 2: Sant’Antonio Church
  • Stage 3: Former Hospital
  • Stage 4: The “Piazzolo” in front of the Parish Church
  • Stage 5: Via Sottile
  • Stage 6: Via Borghignone
  • Stage 7: Via Giordano
  • Stage 8: Manifattura Lane Borgosesia
  • Stage 9: Via Della Bianca
  • Stage 10: Church of Santa Marta
  • Stage 11: The park and Villa Magni
  • Stage 12: Mazzini Square

Enjoy your adventure!


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The C. Conti Museum is temporarily closed to the public for technical and structural interventions. 

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