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The Project

The aim of the project is to create a WIDE-SPREAD CULTURAL PARK in order to increase the tourist offer linked to the paleontological heritage and the surrounding historical, environmental and natural context. In this way, this heritage would also become accessible to a wider public. The project is also expected to have a positive impact on the local cultural identity and on the social and economic fabric.

The stakes are challenging, as the idea is to update the archaeological findings by highlighting their universal values and by creating experiences allowing to make the themes and thoughts suggested by the objects real. Thus, the latter will cease to be mere objects on display and will become on the contrary keys to understanding and clues to venture on narrative paths, following an immersive approach unprecedented in Piedmont.

The project main theme is the HOME, as an actual place (with connected major strands, such as architecture and forms of living, use of traditional materials and techniques) as well as an ideal one (where we meet and exchange ideas, we return to share experiences, we feel good and included, we tell our identity to our guests).

The fulcrum of the project, the place where the “home keys” are actually available is the Museum of Archeology and Paleontology “C. Conti”. In particular, we wish to find a dedicated space in it, which will become a meeting and planning point for the territory.

HABITAT aims to be a sustainable, alternative, simple and innovative approach to tourism. The Project aims to set up a network of immediately accessible opportunities to enjoy places and experiences in order to connect the surrounding basin (the “periphery”) to the urban nucleus (the “centre”), in a relationship which, among its positive effects, can also increase the awareness of the local community about its identity values and potential.


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The C. Conti Museum is temporarily closed to the public for technical and structural interventions. 

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We remind you that the Habitat Bear Paths can be used independently. See the project page on our website!